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Regardless of what I would do with the priorities, enabling the "protect" knob, etc., nothing would fix this. AX.25 Packet programs - Bringing up the other useful packet applications and daemons As part of the ax25-apps package, there are severalbasic programs to make outbound connections. The defaults are the following (which I think are WAY too open) # user type port passwd perms * ax netrom local ampr inet * * 0 * host * * 31 fo - details on your station - Edit this file to give some. To make it work for my setup, I did the following as root: Centos 6: ln -s /dev/ftdi-serial-cbl /dev/kmtr Centos 5: ln -s /dev/ttyUSB0 /dev/kmtr - Make sure your username is in the "dialout" group as discussed in the Fldigi section of this doc. 06/02/12 - More Unode troubleshooting 06/01/12 - Updated the netrom settings as they were inconsistent (and wrong) - Broke out the Netrom and Node services into different chapters - Updated the ax25mail-utils section to include that we need to configure four other files to properly. In this example, I'm going to setup my system to connect either: - A Kenwood TH-F6A radio to the Direwolf softtnc program using the /dev/ttyUSB0 USB based serial port for keying PTT or - A hardware based TNC (Kenwood D710, KPC3 TNC, etc) connected. To get this group setting to take effect NOW (without logging out and back in) use the following command: newgrp plugdev You'll have to use this command in every login using this specific username you have until you completely log out and back. C: In function agwpe_prepoll: agwpesocket. Note: The following example assumes Fldigi.21.36 and Centos6 but Centos5 is specifically called out as well Download the sources # note: # As.21.35, Fldigi now supports more modern Fltk tool kits. Connect to remote stations found in the netrom route table without requiring the user to know each of the hops to get to that final destination To configure Netrom on Linux, first you need to configure the /etc/ax25/nrports file. Chirp - Multi-Radio memory programming tool program Chirp is is a graphical Python-based HAM radio memory programming tool that supports a multitude of Icom, Yaesu, and Kenwood radios HTs, mobiles, and now HF radios. But there is a benefit of running it directly: drag and drop! It also seems that when specifying netrom devices with, you cannot use the "VIA d710" syntax. Once edited, select - File - Export - Name the file (say /tmp/greeting16.wav ) - Change the file format to "Other uncompressed files" - Click on Options - Header: WAV (microsoft) - Encoding: Signed 16bit PCM - Open a shell and goto /tmp - Convert. This uses a modified version of the script as part of the "perl-Device-SerialPort" package which is not included with Svxlink. 1.b - PreSetup: Enabling Third Party RPM repositories Yum and third-party repositories: When I initially started upgrading Centos5 for the HamShack, I was doing the package search and installation manually.


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